Never Have I Ever….

Today I gave my Global Leader Class a new assignment. We were practising using the phrase “I have never..”, so I asked each of them to write out ten sentences about things that they have never done, but wish that they had. The first five were supposed to be things that are possible and that they expect to maybe do one day, while the second five were supposed to be impossible things that they wish they could do, but never expect to.

I couldn’t help sharing some of the highlights!

My Global Leader Class hard at work

I have never…… (Possible)
Eaten a coffee bean made from cat shit.
Loved a western girl
Made a fantasy chicken
Drank non Korean alcohol
Raised a tiger
Picked up money on the street
Studied Egyptian
Gone to the moon
Dated a girl
Been president

I have never…… (Impossible)
Had a harem
Met Almighty God
Read everyone’s mind
Had cocaine
Upgraded my IQ to an infinite number
Dated Emma Watson
Had a Samsung company
Married famous Korean talent
Made counterfeit money