Send in the Cannibals

Well, it’s October 11 and I’m still alive!

For over a month now students all over Korea have been¬†fervently¬†insisting that October 10 would be the day that the Chinese came to Korea to feast on human flesh, issuing dire warning that one mustn’t walk home alone or take a taxi under any circumstances. It wasn’t just students either. Facebook was full of posts and comments insisting on the event by 20 something year old Koreans as well! I never managed to unearth any more details beyond that – everyone stood firm that it was real, it was happening October 10th, and that the Chinese are all cannibals, but no one could explain the reasoning behind it or give any details about what was going to happen at all.

A mountain of powdered human fetus pills confiscated from the Chinese

I can’t help but wonder whether it might have anything to do with the incident earlier this year where the Chinese were caught smuggling thousands of capsules filled with powdered human fetuses into the country.

But one way or another, if you’re reading this blog, congratulations! You’ve managed to survived the Chinese cannibal invasion!

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