The Global Leader Team

“Well that went well, didn’t it!”

After weeks of painful struggle, I’d finally managed to hit my stride and take control of a class of unmotivated low level high school boys! Not only did they finally listen, but I think they actually started to enjoy the lesson!

“Yes, that was good,” replies the head of the English department, “But you know your normal classes don’t matter.  You’re only here to make The Global Leader Team pass the interview.”

The Global Leader Team.

Much in the same way that my school had spent a ludicrous amount of money to install a fake grass soccer pitch, my school had hired me exclusively for the purpose of grooming The Global Leader Team for success in an English language interview – because the only measure of a school’s success is clearly how many times it can one up all of the other technical high schools.

Myself, two thirds of The Global Leader Team, and my department head.

Evidently, every scrap of credibility I had at this school rested on the ability of six poor English speakers to pass an English proficiency interview within four months. If they made it through, they’d be in Australia in two months participating in a prestigious internship program.

So, I’ve found myself spending two hours every day after school and fifteen minutes of every lunch break with The Global Leader Team, in a desperate attempt to cram as much of the English language into their heads as one could possibly hope to fit. And, most importantly, bring greatest glory to the mighty Gyeongnam Techincal High School!

What would they ask in the interview? What does the internship program entail? All details clearly far too superfluous for a mere Guest English Teacher to know.

Isn’t it great to be shipped over here to make a difference in the lives of as many students as possible?

Stay tuned next episode for tales of brave Seung Ho and the interview that he was born to conquer!

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